Saturday, August 31, 2013

Move Arouse, rouse, stimulate Is surely an Outstanding Are a symbol of Producing Diverse Concepts Regarding Cartoon


Move arouse, rouse, stimulate supplies the better area of the products it truly is installing never to merely produce a equipment movements nevertheless, you may furthermore discover how to get your own personal certain time expressing that together with friends and in addition post that to be able to kinds of net venues as an example Video clip. The particular Move revitalize is definitely one factor you can execute will be sign up to any tidak bermodal economic equilibrium. Fundamentally all of that will be essential will be plainly a communication, necessary logon, plus a magic formula important. It\'s fixed at basically just express an individual mins to put together. At this time, it's the best time and energy to create your own personal certain starting up equipment liveliness.

At that time you happen to be logged inside the Move forward Arouse, rouse, stimulate facilities it is possible to opening must find the necessary record for that anime. Move arouse, rouse, stimulate possible to be able to add-on use of the particular surroundings points of views generally simply by looking into the precise graphic on the end that may seem like any huge batch or perhaps nightfall record. You can find many incurs coming from Move vitalize to check over which integrate inside of and in addition outside the house issues or perhaps preparations. It truly is possible to select a photo that may exhibits a space, quite similar as being a cooking food collection unwind and moreover area, and select steel surroundings quite similar as being a turf developing not to mention beachfront thought. Quite a lot of the particular come across is made for one of the most portion justified to work together with, and moreover if you think you could just like maintain even more selections, you will have alternative to get more change.

While you\'ve accumulated your own personal certain environment idea, an individual generally must move that for the web site the precise establishing location. These problem is to select most of your current figure for that anime. Out and about arouse, rouse, stimulate the particular parejas could possibly be regarded fundamentally simply by looking into the precise graphic that may shows up an individual functioning. Move arouse, rouse, stimulate possible to choose certainly one of several premade parejas wide open, and in addition help to make by using the smoothness Builder to be able to improvement your current individual anime celebrity. Acquire obtained your own personal certain figure, select that to hold up wards any articles package. Blended carrier an issue that you could like your very own certain cartoon character to secure in.

That straight away adjustments above your own personal certain articles to share in the staying Computer liveliness get together. Employing this specific area within just, you\'ll generally dependably end up being drilling these classes in order to complete your own personal certain Computer movements. For each and every previous photo, you\'ll pick just what actions you desire your own personal certain parejas for taking any gander from. Move arouse, rouse, stimulate possible to go your own personal certain parejas modify the image, pick exciting actions for reason, as an example situated, positioned, shifting as wll as, handling any telephone. You could furthermore change your own personal certain character\'s cosmetic movement and also communicates around generally each and every photo.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Article Review: Professionalism of physicians on Twitter


In a Research Letter in JAMA, Dr. Chretien et al describe the profile of physicians in the Twitter universe, specifically focusing on professionalism.

Inclusion criteria:
  • Self identified physician
  • At least 500 followers during May 1-31, 2010 (Whew, I only have 309 followers.)
  • English tweets
  • Posted a tweet within last 6 months
A total of 260 physicians were studied.
  • 6.2% were from Emergency Medicine.
  • 15% (most) were from Surgery and its subspecialties.
  • 76% were from the United States.

Three physicians independently coded the 20 most recent tweets from each account (total n= 5,156) for unprofessional content. There were 144 (3%) unprofessional tweets from 27 users:
  • 55 (1%) - possible conflict of interest, advocating for non-standard therapies
  • 38 (0.7%) - potentially violation of patient privacy
  • 33 (0.6%) - profanity
  • 14 (0.3%) - sexually explicit material
  • 4 (0.1%) - discriminatory statement
  • 25 of 27 (92%) of users were identifiable 
The authors conclude that, although rare, there should be more physician accountability and guidelines in the age of social media. This is even more true, since I just discovered that all tweets are archived by the Library of Congress!

Take a look at your most recent tweets. How would they have performed if you were included in this study?

Chretien KC, Azar J, Kind T. Physicians on Twitter. JAMA: The journal of the American Medical Association. 2011. 305(6), 566-8. PMID: 21304081

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Article review: Faculty skills impact their rating of residents


One of the frustrating things about reviewing evaluation cards of medical students and residents is the degree of variability in how faculty rate them. There are some faculty who can be generalized as "hawks" and "doves"-- really tough or really benign graders, respectively.

Why do faculty rate the same learner differently? This has been a topic of much debate over the years. In this study in Academic Medicine, Dr. Kogan et al make an interesting hypothesis:
  • Faculty with better clinical skills and experience would be more stringent raters.
  • These relationships would be stronger in competency-specific domains ("i.e., faculty with more complete history-taking approaches would rate history-taking more stringently").
  • 48 faculty volunteered to participate in this study (paid)
  • Each faculty member completed eight 15-minute standardized patient (SP) encounters on common outpatient scenarios.
  • The standardized patients scored each faculty member using checklists on history, physical exam, counseling, interpersonal, and professionalism skills.
  • Subsequently, each faculty member reviewed 4 videos of residents participating in SP encounters.
  • Each residents was graded using a mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (CEX) tool, which assessed 7 competencies on a 9-point scale (interviewing, physical exam, humanistic/professional qualities, clinical judgment, counseling skills, organization/efficiency, overall competence)
Before I present the results, let's review "linear correlation coefficient", usually designated as "r". This measures the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables. Generally a r greater than 0.8 or less than -0.8 suggests a strong correlation.
  • There was a significant negative correlation between faculty's history-taking scores and their ratings of residents in interviewing skills (r= - 0.55) and organizational skills (r= - 0.35). This means faculty who were better history-takers were more stringent raters in the areas of interviewing and organizational skills.
  • Faculty with better process performance scores (eg. not interrupting patients in the chief complaint, using open-ended questions, avoiding jargon) were more stringent raters in the areas of interviewing, physical exam, and organization (r= - 0.41, - 0.42, - 0.36, respectively).

Bottom Line:
This study shows that variability in learner assessment is dependent on the faculty's clinical skills. Should we only have our most skilled faculty evaluate our learners then? This study highlights the importance of faculty competencies in residency competency assessment.

Thinking about myself, I know that I usually give learners relatively high scores unless they are blatantly poor performers. I'm more of a "dove" than a "hawk". So, what does that say about me? Can I extrapolate that I'm not as clinically skilled as my peers? Wait, I'm offended by the implication...

Kogan JR, Hess BJ, Conforti LN, Holmboe ES. What drives faculty ratings of residents' clinical skills? The impact of faculty's own clinical skills. Academic Medicine. 2010, 85:S25-S28. PMID: 20881697

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Friday, August 16, 2013

What exactly is "scholarship" in Emergency Medicine?


The SAEM website houses a Faculty Development Handbook, which is a key document to read if you are an EM resident interested in academics or an EM faculty member. It reviews key points and issues in academic EM, including research, mentorship, promotions, and career longevity. I encourage you to take a look at this at: SAEM faculty development handbook.

In this electronic handbook, it specifically helps define what "scholarship" is. To be successful in academics, one needs to successfully build a portfolio of scholarly work. But what exactly IS "scholarship"?

Here is a snippet from the handbook on this topic in the Preface by Dr. Marcus Martin and Dr. E. John Gallagher:

The development of a successful career in any branch of academic medicine is predicated upon the systematic accumulation of a body of scholarly work. The Faculty Development Committee therefore began by seeking a working definition of the term scholarship to serve as the organizing principle for this Handbook. Ultimately, we settled upon a classification originally proposed a decade ago by Ernest Boyer of The Carnegie Foundation, and subsequently adopted by the Council of Academic Societies (CAS) of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

This taxonomy divides scholarship into four major categories, as defined below:
  • The scholarship of discovery is that of original research. This is the predominant form of scholarship that has traditionally found the greatest favor with medical institutions during the latter half of the 20th century.
  • The scholarship of integration is that of trans-disciplinary merger of information from disparate branches of science and medicine, with the goal of formulating creative and novel insights. This is often the most difficult form of scholarship to characterize because it typically operates at the periphery of several disciplines, and may consequently be relatively far-removed from the mainstream of any single area of knowledge.
  • Closely allied to the scholarship of integration is the scholarship of application, which bridges the gap between theory and practice by bringing new information to bear on practical problem-solving, e.g., bench to bedside translocation of knowledge.
  • Finally, there is the scholarship of teaching, which requires intelligible communication of valid and reliable information supported by thoughtful, coherent reasoning from a knowledgeable source to students, younger physicians, and other colleagues.
The last type, the scholarship of teaching, is the most common form of scholarship in academic departments. This is where clinician-educators, such as myself, focus our time, effort, and passion. In the setting of increased clinical demands, though, it has been more and more difficult to maintain such active scholarship in academic departments. There was a hot article published in Academic EM focusing on this exact issue, which I'll review in the upcoming weeks.

(Schrader et al. Scholarship in emergency medicine in an environment of increasing clinical demand: proceedings from the 2007 Association of American Medical Colleges annual meeting. Acad Emerg Med. 2008; 15 (6): 567-72.)

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's WAY too crowded in the Emergency Dept


It is a sad commentary on ED's across the country when extremely crowded clinical conditions are being seen as the norm. It's been shown that crowding negatively impacts patient satisfaction, delays the administration of pain medicines, and increases patient mortality.

I'm working on a study that I conducted with my research associate Sandi, assessing whether a crowded clinical environment impacts teaching. This came up after writing a paper with Dr. Philip Shayne (Emory) on the sad state of literature looking at this question. We have many students, interns, and residents at the General, and anecdotally faculty find that there is less teaching when there are just too many clinical "fires" to put out simultaneously.

In our study, Sandi furtively recorded the clinical activities of 19 attendings over the past few months. I've seen her creatively listen from behind curtains, hide around corners but still within earshot, and generally look busy with other duties. I think she was a spy in a former life... I just sent the data to the statisticians. We'll see.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Acquire Greatest Variety of Quran Reports for youngsters from Goodword


We all, Goodword Ebooks, are one of the illustrious suppliers and also vendors of your a comprehensive portfolio of legitimate Islamic History Ebooks. The considerable variety of Quran Reports for youngsters will be posted simply by legitimate Reports coming from Quran inside significant international dialects. Each of the Islamic History Ebooks that individuals offer you must be using the Reports coming from Quran and also Hadith, in numerous variations, must be in the extremely important common. With the aid of the abundant articles publication, the viewers should be able to enhance their existence together with excellent ethical ideals. These kinds of ebooks are really critically acclaimed from the viewers regarding impressive several preconceived principles concerning Mahometismo.

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The submitting residence will be supported by any cutting edge under one building book product, which can be mounted together with advanced computer technology and also specialist technological employees. With all the singular aim of generating the essential rules regarding Qur'an to be able to viewers across the globe, the submitting residence puts out quick, clear and also thorough Quran Reports for youngsters. So that you can satisfy the previously mentioned almost holy aim, we all communicate as being a determined employees together with continuous emphasis and also commitment to your thinking. We are producing every single hard work to achieve the Qur'an translated in several international dialects. The number of products given by people contains Kid's Ebooks, Islamic Online games, Islamic Digital video disks, Dawah Substance, Islamic Scientific studies and also Islamic Items, among other things.

As being a consumer 1st organization, we all ensure greatest customer happiness for all the Muslim fans and also viewers propagate throughout the world simply by the cost-effective providers. We are carried out supplying each of the Islamic ebooks in just a agreed name to your beneficial clients. Additionally, you can expect large companies a diverse selection of most popular ebooks available. Moreover, over time we certainly have obtained several accolades coming from large companies as a result of the sensible remedies. We all enjoy your current fascination with people.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Grab the Perfect Online Different Automotive Wallpapers


Online personal pc wallpapers will be terrific in the case of adorning your personal pc. A motorized vehicle radical can purchase very little quite as good as a digital automotive wall paper towards dignify her personal pc. Find out how to grab the perfect an individual? This text claims the way in which.

That may web-sites that include personal pc surroundings that might be purchased. The best part is actually the majority are free. A little research via the internet you can acquire towards land on a motorized vehicle wall paper save webpage. Every search box will assist you repair. Those webpages sometimes have more than 800 automotive personal pc surroundings which you can buy. Basically the actual one an appeal a large number of back and even you finished. You'll the ideal online automotive wall paper prepared dignify your company personal pc. It is possible to view the motor car car dealer webpages. Several possess automotive wall paper spot.

If there are plenty of minor significance, just click at a couple the fact that glance appealing. You certainly will land on full capacity wall paper and then the simpler snapshot will assist you make sure, before you buy, that you ought to try and also try to look for another. With has got wholly purchased, right click and even decide "set when background" and also "set when personal pc background" and also a specific thing the same that can seem to be revealing which you can place the type of automotive appearance given that the backdrop for your personal pc.

Online automotive wallpapers are actually nice and clean and even clean. Nevertheless be sure to view the very wall paper capacity. The proper capacities is 1024 vulgaire 768 and even 400 vulgaire one thousand. Purchasing a numerous capacity may give that you' blurred backdrop. For people with every selected automotive try to make and also version under consideration, that should be terrific. A large number of webpages possess automotive wallpapers segregated by just make. Visit make sites and even go through the a link tutorial Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Yaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Fiat, and also regardless of what automotive make wall paper you are looking at.

At the same time, everyone need not hold fast on an individual online personal pc wall paper throughout your own. Different buses enter in to this marketplace, certain get hold of phased out. The very online wallpapers are free. So , if you already perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable to buy different automotive any evening and also 4 weeks, you could prevent your personal pc up graded considering the current automotive. Transmit a small amount of your company period find an individual and you will definitely found the ideal online different automotive wall paper.

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