Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Exchanging Homes Are an Alternative Way of Traveling


Home swapping is an alternative traveling method where two people reach an agreement to exchange their respective homes for a mutually agreed period of time. During the period of exchange, each individual will live in and care for the other individual's home.

Home exchange saves a lot of money in terms of steep hotel bills. It also provides an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the place of visit at their own pace and according to their desires without being in a hurry. They can experience the place as a local by enjoying the real sights and sounds, the food and many other things associated with the place.

There are certain thing that must be checked before going for home swapping-
1 . A contact person must be appointed who can hand over the keys and other important things or can provide assistance to the exchange partner on his arrival and departure.
2 . All the insurance policies must be checked to ensure that there is third party liability, health insurance and any other additional coverage that may be needed.
3. Copies of vital information such as passports and insurance policies must be exchanged.
4. Payment for services used such as electricity or phone bills must be agreed upon.
5. Always leave instructions for basic household maintenance and other things.
6. Leave instruction manual for household appliances.
7. Leave proper information about local amenities such as public transportation, shopping complex, grocery store, bank, post office and other aces of importance.
8. Important and emergency telephone numbers must be made available to the exchange partner.

There are a lot of home exchange companies available in the United States each offering large selection of homes available for swapping at lowest possible rate. There are benefits one derives from home swapping membership and those are as follows-

• Customization of search based on the location preference of the client
• Unlimited access to all the other members
• No hidden or additional fees charged from the members
• Up to ten photos of the property can e uploaded
• There is no limit to the number of times a member can exchange homes
• Members can contact with each other privately through the secure messaging system
• Members can manage their own account and can also track views of other members on their personal account profile about their property
• Low membership fees are guaranteed for at least two consecutive years.
• Availability of new exchange offers which are published everyday
• Can register online which is extremely convenient
• Member registration and expiration dates are displayed
• Convenient online membership renewal at reduced rate
• Easy and secure payment with all major credit cards via World Pay

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